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What are the materials of multilayer coextrusion composite f

The technology of multi-layer coextrusion composite technology started later than thousand type composite technology, but it has the advantages of saving raw materials, diversifying raw materials, adapting to environmental protection requirements and not using toxic adhesives. And the barrier effect is very ideal, and with the increase of the number of composite layers, the better the effect.
At present, the number of composite layers has developed to nine or even eleven layers, which has been applied in packaging film and hollow container. However, the coextrusion process and equipment requirements are very strict, requiring higher quality of workers and more precise machinery and equipment, expensive equipment, low waste recovery rate, so it greatly limits its large-scale use. According to the classification of composite materials, plastic film is mainly used for flexible packaging, followed by paper, metal foil and composite materials. All kinds of composite packaging materials can be made with them.
According to the classification of composite forms, generally speaking, the composite materials are mostly carried out uniformly on the whole surface, and the composite forms of packaging materials mainly have large area (uniform) composite. Composite flexible packaging is mainly used in food, medicine, cosmetics, beverage and other products packaging, which has been developing rapidly in China in recent years.
Multilayer coextrusion composite film
The analysis of multilayer coextrusion composite film is as follows
There are many kinds of substrates for composite flexible packaging

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