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Rice vacuum packaging bag to several silk, choose vacuum bag

How many silk should be used in rice vacuum packaging bag
Generally depends on the weight of the bag, according to the weight to go, normal is about 10 silk can
With the continuous progress and development of society, the quality and safety of food has become the focus of attention,
Rice vacuum packaging bag
Rice vacuum packaging bags focus on the following points:
First, whether the rice vacuum packaging bag is added with nutrition label is the most effective nutrition information for consumers, which will bring a certain sense of trust
The second is QS quality and safety license. QS quality and safety shows that it is supervised by relevant departments, which also gives customers a better sense of trust
Third, the storage method should be written clearly to avoid unnecessary loss to customers. This makes customers feel that we are still very human.
At present, the average family population is small, and people's views are constantly changing. In the process of rice transportation and sales, the packaging should be changed from big to small, heavy to light. On the basis of determining the preservation effect, there is more potential to dig.
The vacuum film packaging bag is a kind of vacuum film packaging bag, which is formed by sealing two plastic films on three sides. The bag inner surface of at least one of the two plastic film sheets has a mesh groove. This kind of packing bag can also be used when the package is placed outside the vacuum machine and the bag mouth is pressed on the vacuum sealing strip for air pumping operation. Because it is unnecessary to put the bag in the vacuum pumping chamber for air extraction, the size of the articles is not limited by the size of the suction chamber, saving equipment investment, expanding the application range of the packaging machine, and easy to use


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