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Diversification of packaging functions

With the increasing market demand for packaging functions, the functions of multilayer composite films are becoming more comprehensive. Asymmetric multi-layer co extrusion blown film has its fatal force warping and difficult to improve the optical properties of the film, thus affecting the further development of its diversified functions. Especially in China, the existing secondary processing equipment in the market has special requirements for material asymmetry, so it can not effectively improve the stress warping and optical properties, which has hindered the rapid development of multilayer co extrusion blown film. Due to the environment, security and many other aspects change and guide the development of the market, at the same time, in order to protect the earth's resources and protect the safety of people's lives. This requires the packaging structure to be more reasonable, which is embodied in the requirements of better structure (protection function), simpler (easy to use and transport), safer (hygiene, environmental adaptability), higher social and environmental adaptability (recycling and regeneration of waste).
The maximization of packaging benefits is the goal of the close cooperation between composite film manufacturers and customers. It can improve the quality of products in an all-round way, quantify the function of the composite film, reduce the production process, thin the thickness, and reduce the price (high productivity, labor, resources, energy) to maximize the benefits.


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