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What should be paid attention to in packaging film?

According to the needs of specific commodities, the special requirements for packaging film are in fact some special requirements. Because of their particularity, they are introduced separately. This kind of requirements include the compatibility of plastic film and contents, the adaptability, dielectric property, sanitary property and binding property of plastic film.
It is often necessary to consider whether the plastic packaging film will be corroded, dissolved or swelled by the material to lose its strength, and whether the plastic film will react with the material to reduce the performance of the commodity or damage the packaging bag.
It is often necessary to consider the high and low temperature resistance of the film, such as refrigeration, especially the use of plastic packaging film for frozen food, which needs to have good low temperature resistance; the plastic packaging film for cooking food needs to have good high temperature resistance.
Products such as integration are easy to be broken down due to the static electricity of the packaging tape. Therefore, the plastic film used for packaging of such goods must have good antistatic performance, and its surface resistivity is generally controlled at about 108 ohm or lower.
When packaging food or pharmaceutical products, the selected plastic packaging film must have good hygienic performance and meet the requirements of relevant national health standards to ensure that the plastic film will not cause pollution to the packaged goods.


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