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Multilayer coextrusion film is the first choice of packaging

The use of advanced multi-layer coextrusion film, vice president of China Packaging Federation, has solved the problem of vibration and air leakage in some packaging transportation. The packaged food reduces preservative addition, increases the fresh-keeping period and shelf life of food, reduces the waste in food production and consumption, and increases social benefits, which is of great significance for the country and the people.
According to the executive vice president of China Packaging Federation, in the 40 years since the development of the packaging industry, China's packaging industry has developed rapidly from the most primitive simple packaging to becoming a major packaging country in the world. The packaging capacity has reached the first place in the world, and is also changing to a world packaging power. We can focus on food packaging, especially in accordance with the requirements of the reform of the supply side economic system. I especially need to do a lot of work in the industry to carry out forward-looking research. Only by embedding the scientific nature of the research into the 13th five year plan can we guide the industry to close down and turn around, Only in this way can we guide the industry to become better and stronger, stand at the national level, and shoulder the contemporary responsibility for the country, the nation, and the social circular economy and food safety. We should pay attention to excessive packaging, advocate green packaging, resist luxury and waste, and promote scientific and reasonable packaging. According to the principle of reduction and reuse, reduce the packaging as much as possible. Study the traceable packaging of products and pay attention to food safety.
Wang Yuezhong pointed out that the advantages of the multi-layer coextrusion film are to extend the shelf life of food, reduce the addition of food preservatives, meet the three forms of food packaging applications, can be recycled, meet the standards of the United States and the European Union, and is conducive to the export of food. Domestic food can all be used, only to extend the shelf life will reduce the great waste for the society, that is to achieve social benefits. If applied to grain packaging, the shelf life will be extended for more than one year; if applied to fresh meat, it will extend the fresh-keeping period of meat, which is suitable for long-distance transportation; if applied to the packaging of vegetables and fruits, seasonal fresh fruits can meet the needs of domestic online shopping and transportation. Reducing deterioration and prolonging the fresh-keeping period can not only reduce part of the waste, but also increase the production. The social benefits are immeasurable, which is a great event beneficial to the country and the people.


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