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Barrier property of EVOH in aseptic packaging

How to prolong the shelf life of chilled meat is the key to the development of chilled meat. For this reason, many domestic and foreign food experts have carried out a lot of scientific research, and many new meat preservation technologies, such as preservation, radiation preservation, low water activity preservation and so on, have been reported frequently. According to relevant information, the variety and quality of meat products in China are far behind the world's advanced level. One of the main reasons is that the backward meat packaging technology restricts the development. The selection of appropriate packaging materials and packaging technology can improve the fresh-keeping period of chilled meat and ensure the hygiene and quality of meat.

The barrier properties of EVOH are as follows:

1. Thermal stability: no chemical or physical changes occur during aseptic heat treatment;
2. Gas barrier: it can prevent the oxygen from seeping into the outside air;
3. Aroma retention: EVOH material in the film can ensure the original flavor of the package;
4. Moisture resistance: prevent the penetration of moisture to maintain the moisture content of the product;
5. Toughness and rigidity: it has suitable toughness and rigidity to facilitate mechanized filling and sealing;
6. Lightproof: block the penetration of light;
7. Hygiene: the material is non-toxic and fully meets the requirements of food hygiene;
Application of aseptic packaging products:
1. Packaging of liquid milk;
2. The packaging of tomato sauce;
3. Packaging of other fruit juices;


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