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What is plastic flexible packaging?

With the improvement of people's living standards and the development of market economy, the demand for plastic flexible packaging is increasing year by year, and it is getting higher and higher. The characteristics of plastic flexible packaging, such as bright colors, novel patterns and easy to use, induce consumption to fill the market, especially in large and small supermarkets. As an invisible product advertisement, it attracts customers to buy and promotes sales.
Experts at home and abroad said: any carbohydrate, as long as it is in a certain temperature and pressure conditions, can flow, and at room temperature and maintain the shape of the material is known as plastic. Today's plastics, generally refers to synthetic resin as the basic component, polymer organic compounds. Given a certain temperature and pressure conditions, it can be molded into a certain shape and can keep its shape unchanged at room temperature.
Generally, the packaging of today's goods is divided into hard packaging, semi-hard packaging and soft packaging.
Metal cases, metal cans, wooden cases, glass containers and large plastic containers for injection molding are hard packaging. Corrugated box, folding carton, plastic light container, plastic hose, metal extrusion
Tube is semi-rigid packaging. Paper bags, cellophane (cellophane) bags, plastic film bags called soft bags
Install. Cellophane, bags, plastic film bags, plastic composite film bags, plastic woven bags and plastic woven composite bags are collectively referred to as plastic flexible packaging.


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